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Contract Reviews And Legal Membership Services

Why should you choose Legal In A Box?

We provide fixed flat rates for contract reviews as well as reduced lawyer rates for legal advice on all aspects of  personal and business law.

We provide essential legal services for your business that are affordable, reliable, and transparent.  Equally, we help on individual matters in a fast and cost effective way. We believe in helping to protect what you have worked hard to create.

Legal In A Box is like having a lawyer on call for all your business and personal needs.  We believe that every business owner or individual, should have access to legal advice when they need it. We work closely with experienced lawyers who are ready and able to advise entrepreneurs, startups small businesses and individuals.  Equally, we can help on almost all personal matters. We strive to make it easy for you to contact and work with a legal adviser who will guide you through every step of the way. We have structured our legal products so we can offer you the best possible deals to suit your needs. In simple terms you have a “Lawyer When Needed“.

Contract And Agreement Checking Overview

A lawyer will evaluate and clarify your contracts for just a fraction of the price of a conventional law practice.


Send us your agreement and a qualified lawyer will evaluate and clarify the document. We make sure there are no vaguely worded provisions, exclusions or limitations in the contract and return a revision of your agreement. You can send us your documents 24/7 & weekends. Turnaround 48 hrs or less – For more information check Service Pricing


We check your Terms & Conditions for your business, website or contracts. Having wrongly written or no T&Cs can cost you your business. Furthermore, we check hire purchase or leasing terms – ensuring there are no unwanted surprises or hidden charges in the agreement or documents.


Protect your assets by signing personal or business contracts the correct way. Every one of the solicitors or lawyers that carry out your contract work is qualified, UK based and in first-class standing, focusing on personal and business law.


Many people have tried to do it themselves and have failed. You will need help to be able to cancel your timeshare contract, however the process doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Most people will say that you need to use a solicitor to help you with your timeshare exit, but all you need are timeshare exit specialists 

How Contract Reviews Work

1 What do I do?

Upload your contract and let us know your specific questions or concerns.

2 Who reviews?

Within 48 hours our experienced contract lawyers will ensure the contract is legally valid, specific and unambiguous.

3 Further questions?

If you have further questions, just ask. We are here to help you fully understand any contract. Equally, you can use our Frequently Asked Questions page where most questions are answered.

When reviewing your contract, your lawyer will:

  • Check that the contract is clear, legally valid and enforceable
  • Highlight any problems and shortfalls and explain their implications
  • Review your aims and how well the contract meets them
  • Address any specific questions or concerns you may have
  • If relevant, suggest modifications and alternative wordings to better protect your interests

Focusing on contract reviews, our lawyers have extensive experience and can help review any kind of contract. We always use the most experienced lawyer for your contract.

You can see an overview of some of the types of contracts we review.

Document Review & Drafting Pricing - Legal Services

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Timeshare Cancellation or Releases - Legal Services

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[1] Legal In A Box UK is not a law firm, but rather a company that provides access to legal services and forms on a subscription basis along with other value to the client. AMT Law, LLC, provides the legal counsel and guidance pursuant to the terms of the LIB subscription choice.

* If the document is over 7 pages or needs significant revisions, then the reduced hourly rate will apply depending on the client’s package.

** One free question consists of a consultation up to 15 minutes free of charge. If additional research needs to be done, then the reduced hourly rate will apply depending on the client’s package.

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Phone: 0843 2898171

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